About the 360 Degree Man

My Passion

Bernard Grimmage is a motivational speaker who is passionate about keeping young men and women from entering the criminal justice system. This unique father, gentleman, grandfather, community activist and jailer has allowed himself to not only BE a black man with an all around perspective, but also to BE the black man from all perspective.

My Position

Bernard calls himself the 360 Degree Man because of his all around relationship to the black male. He is Jail Guard, a peace-keeper, a father and patriot all at once.

Bernard has worked as a corrections officer for over a quarter of a century in what is considered to be the most dangerous jail in the country. He has seen prisoners rotate through the revolving doors of the jail system over and over again. As he has witnessed this cycle over the years, he has worked on the other side of the bars to keep young men out.

He has striven to make a difference using the common avenue of sports by coaching little league baseball for the over 18 years. For the past 13 years he has single handedly sponsored and organized the Garret A. Morgan Back To School Health Fair insuring that children on the south side of Chicago get the necessary wellness checks and schools supplies they need to set them up for success. This is the largest privately sponsored function of its kind in the city. Bernard also feeds over 700 community members during this event.

My Product

Bernard’s velvet voice and charismatic charm and passion for human rights is what you get when you hire him to speak for your meeting or event. He has a solid message of motivating all he touches to find their true passions, for he knows that then and only then will you be able to achieve financial stability and happiness which is the definition of true success. Bernard has a soon to be released book titled "The 360 Degree Man".

Currently Available for Booking

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Bernard is also an honorably discharged veteran (soldier) and holds an MBA (Finance).